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Site optimized for 1680x1050 or greater resolutions

25% win odds
3.839x payout
45% win odds
2.133x payout
50% win odds
1.92x payout
55% win odds
1.746x payout
75% win odds
1.28x payout
95% win odds
1.011x payout

(min bet: 0.05, max bet: 10)

HOW IT WORKS: "Each time you send a bet to one of the game's betting addresses, a random number is selected ranging from 0 to 16,777,215. If the number selected is greater than the threshold number required for the game you're betting on, you win. To determine your random number when you place a bet, we take today's secret value and combine that with the transaction ID of your bet using another cryptographic function called HMAC_SHA512. Because we have no control over your transaction ID, and because you have no control over the secret value, the output of the HMAC_SHA512 function produces something completely random that neither you nor we can predict or control. We then take the first 3 bytes of that random value to yield a number from 0-16,777,215."

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